Fool, Ash Wednesday, London, 2011

The carnival dress symbolizes an overturning of the routine of daily life during carnival which ends on Shrove Tuesday, before the start of Lent. When I walked the streets of London on Ash Wednesday morning, on the first day of Lent, dressed as fool, when I disrespected deliberately a religious tradition, I experienced how as a fool I was transformed into a fool.  

Missing Messenger, Milton Keynes, 2015

A delivery man chose to let go of his parcels and decided instead to spend a day playing and drawing. 


Tango, London, 2013

When I arrived in May 2013 at the Madrid airport Barajas I noticed a middle-aged man, gently kicking and following a football as he walked past me along the taxi lane. He wore a lot of jewelry such as arm bracelets, finger rings, neck chains and a heavy wrist watch. I was fascinated by him. At first I didn't realise what exactly had captivated my interest. I imagined a school boy playing football on his own who might have fallen out with his play mate, preferring playing the ball against a wall rather than confronting his friend. A kind of stubbornness leading to boredom. The middle-aged man seemed to have given up his search for play mates.

Back in London I decided to re-enact this as a performance. I dressed up as he did and walked the centre of London for 5 hours, kicking a football along my path. The football became my friend and companion, guiding me through the streets.

Sleeping Soldier, Brescia, 2008

My performance Sleeping Soldier marked the opening of an exhibition where I exhibited drawings and sculptures.  


Homenaje a Santa Teresa de Jesus, Avila, 2010

In my performance ‘Homenaje a Santa Teresa’ I tried to experience the saint bodily, after having read and admired many of her teachings and writings. I went to Avila, where on a Saturday morning I cleaned and swept all the public spaces and pavements facing the monasteries’ outer walls in which she lived 500 years ago as a contemplative nun. Her rich spiritual and inner life, led to foundations of her new order, the Discalced Carmelitas, she founded together with St John of the Cross.